Fort Worth, Texas

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/aboutHi, Greetings and Welcome!

This is the website for Patrick Asher. Thank you for checking me out!

I am a full-time Christian musician/singer & songwriter, and recording artist, currently living in Fort Worth, Texas.

I am solo with my wife, Dottie, who sings some with me, plays tambourine, works the merchandise table, and looks pretty.

My musical style has been compared to folk, gospel, and soft rock feel and flavor.

I desire for my music and songs, and anything that I have to say, to encourage, enlighten, engage, inspire, and inform the listener, as well as, point the way to The Way of Jesus Christ.

I strive to write song lyrics that are progressive to move me, and the listener/reader, forward in the journey of life.

I want to be available, and open, to welcome invitations for any engagements, and venues, of any variety that would be a good fit.

I hope that this online experience is a very positive, and uplifting, one for you.

May the good Lord give you joy and love and peace for your "journey." 

Thanks again.