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Patrick Asher

As a teenager I played acoustic guitar and sang for anyone who would listen.

I am a former member of a Jesus music band called Damascus Road in the 1970's. I feel that we were one of the pioneers of the Jesus music movement of that time.

I also have many years of experience as a music leader at various churches in California, Colorado, and Texas.

I am a college graduate and have an MBA, in Leadership, from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado.

I love, and embrace, this new season of my life of "making melody in my heart."

"I love to sing the songs I write and write the songs I sing."

I have recorded two different CD's. The most current one is called The Songbird and contains ten original songs recorded at a pretty good studio in Tyler, TX called Windword Studio. 

I like to call my music and songs-- "His Mark Music."

I also like to call my production, product line, and the promotional part-- "Songbird Productions."

I am currently working on a new CD, with all original material.

I welcome any invitations for you to "give a listen."

Thank you!